First of all I figured Vista deserved a special page instead of my FYI page.

I have owned every version of Windows that has come out and figured why stop now.
I preordered Vista from so I would have it on opening day, and I did.

I upgraded from Windows XP Professional to Vista Business as Business and Ultimate are only two you can actually upgrade and not have to wipe the drive clean. being I have 80 plus programs I didn't want to spend a week reinstalling everything.

The upgrade went smooth in fact the best experience I have ever had with Windows upgrade, no lock up's or crashes BUT if something is wrong Vista tells you. Upgrade time on my system 2.5 hours.

BTW I have a Pentium 4   3.0 GHz H.T. and 2 Gb of RAM, I would suggest nothing less than this if you want Vista to perform. Note: 02/20, read an online article about Vista and RAM saying using Vista with 2 Gb of RAM is the sweet spot of operation but if your a power user ( I am) 4 Gb lets Vista go full speed, so I ordered 2 Gb more.

First off my graphics card and sound card had to be replaced as they were both three years old and no drivers were available for upgrade.
Vista as some have said is really a graphic intense fancy version of XP but I like it.

Now the bad stuff, besides the graphic card and sound card I lost the use of my H2215 IPAQ linked to Outlook 2003 as Active Sync will not operate on Vista. Vista has a new program to replace Active Sync called Mobile Device Center, but did not recognize my device. I did find a program called XTNDPConnect Desktop Synchronization Ver.6.1 $60.00 sold by which just came out for Vista and does work.

Also I removed all the start up programs in msconfig that are not needed and also went into performance options, visual effects and deselected everything and selected Adjust for Best Performance. Now Vista started to fly.

Everything in Vista is as XP was plus more and looks different and in some cases in different places and after a few days when you get used to it will become an old friend.

Have fun with Vista, I will Ha! Ha!.

P.S By the way be sure and assign yourself as administrator as Vista is a security fanatic and won't in some cases let anybody except the administrator do anything.

Other Problems

(1) Feb.11th Tried to use my Brother QL500 label printer, notified by Vista drivers were not compatible. Went to and downloaded  new Vista version of software for Editor and Address. Very easy to install, works fine.

(2)Feb 11th Tried to use my H.P. Scanjet 5370C and windows could not find scanner. Went to H.P. web site to see if patch or new scanner program available, H.P. no longer supports my scanner this same thing happened when I upgraded from Windows ME to XP.
Checked on all H.P. scanners in my price range $100.00 to $150.00 and consumer reviews on all models said lousy (crash, lock up etc.)mainly because of software conflict with Vista.

Checked on line different reviews and settled on a Canon 4400F, excellent reviews also handles strip 35mm film and slides, $88.99 at Also went to Canon web site and downloaded their software package for this scanner so I would be ready. In fact Canon had already upgraded the software two or three months ago, maybe the scanner will come with the latest version .
Feb. 20th scanner arrived, installed downloaded drivers and software for Vista, works like a charm.

(3)Feb. 12th  Had to upgrade the drivers for my Wacom Graphics Tablet.

(4) Lost the use of Roxio Media Creator 8 Suite, with no upgrade available except to buy Ver 9, going to hold off as Vista has a good burner program and slide show maker built in.

(5) Mar. 5th Purchased Roxio Media Creator 9 Suite $42.97 from, also had to download patch from Roxio for bug in Drag to Disk part of program. After install works fine.

(6) May 25th After a crash with Vista, decided to wipe it off my system and reinstall XP Professional. After using it for five months it really was a pain in the you know what. the more I used it the more I disliked it especially having to put out more money than the program cost to upgrade.

 (7) Jan 2009 Downloaded and installed on another computer Windows 7 Beta.This version of Windows is fantastic, it's what Vista should have been.

 (8) May 8th 2009
Downloaded and installed Windows 7 RC. After trying the
Beta version going for the full version which times out in June 2010. Consumer version should be out third quarter of 09, As of now am going to buy.
P.P.S. All the information stated above is is from my personal experience with Vista, yours might be better or worse.