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Sorry to say this but traded in my Forester Dec 2012 for a new Toyota Prius V, only had 20,000 miles
but just got 25mpg. My Prius gets 41 mpg and will increase efter break in.

Fumoto drain valve alteration.

Make wrap around safety sleeve from light gauge aluminum. Bend around deep socket clamped in vise, retain on valve with mini worm drive hose clamp.

Note: Purpose of sleeve so
valve lever cannot be turned
until sleeve is removed.

Drill three 7/64" holes two threads down from end of valve to allow drain valve to clear inside lip of pan and all oil to drain.

This sure  beats removing the regular drain plug and having to install a new gasket every time.

Used on 2005 Forester 

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GPS Locator Holder

I just purchased a Pharos GPS 250 ( Dec.2007) and being in California it is against the law to mount the unit with the suction cup adapter that is furnished on the windshield, I decided to build my own, mounting at a lower angle so as not to block the view thru the windshield.

Built the adapter to mount
using the using the dash top glove box door.
Easy to install and remove and no holes to drill in dash.
I used part of the furnished mount minus the suction cup
and 1/16" ABS plastic for the new mount. 
Note: Laminated bottom half of mount with 1/16" from middle bend on down for strength where bracket mounted.

On the bottom 90 bend I used 1/4" vinyl tubing split lengthwise and hot glued to cushion the mount against the dash.

NOTE: ABS is bent by heating with
Cal Rod heating tube where heat is concentrated along narrow line.

Pharos GPS250

GPS Device

Mockup 1

Cardboard template 1

Mock final

Final Template 2

Assembled mount

Finished mount

Mounted 1


Mounted 2


Mounted 3