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Health related Posted 10/2005
Go here for information on Jala Neti method of sinus irrigation.
If you have on going sinus and allergy problems this might help, it did me.




Home page for information on two great books, " HTML For Dummies 2nd Edition "
and " More HTML For Dummies ".

Home page for WS_FTP , shareware " file transfer protocol " program, for maintaining your site at your ISP.Even though you might have one as part of your editor this one works better.

cpanim1.gif (3429 bytes) " COOKIE PAL "Get control of Cookies. Automatically accept or reject Cookies. Complete transparent control, shareware program.   See write-up in September 1998 PC World.

" Alsoft's HTML Validator " , Shareware program for checking your HTLM Tags for errors, especially ones you and your browser can't find . Speeds the load time of your site and compatibility with other browsers. IT REALLY FINDS THE ERRORS.


 fpage.gif (1651 bytes)  Microsoft Front Page 2003. A real hum dinger WYSIWYG editor and much more.See my opinion on FYI page.


   Enter to Win
Interesting Sites
First For France .COM. If you wanted to know all about France, this is the place.
With over 200 Chateaux Bed and Breakfasts, 40 different wines, 100 different cheeses, 1000 historic chateaux, 500 museums, 75 resorts, 30 Spas, and at least 300 different deserts native to this area.

 If your interested ( or not ) in pigeon's, this is the place. Dennis Weinreich's " Hawkbait Lofts "
    much information and very interesting.

Map Blast

Makes map of any street location you specify in U.S.A. also send or print , save.
Movie Related Sites 

Some people call them movies, others call them motion pictures, and some call them films. The term "movie" -- which seems to be the most popular name for the kind of entertainment we find at today's theater -- is a shortened version of "moving pictures," which made their early debut (in rather rough form) late in the 19th century. Those early movies were silent but sometimes accompanied by a live pianist, organist, or orchestra in the theater. Then came "talkies" and "Technicolor." Movie posters and playbills from every decade are favorite art forms and avidly collected. Created in 1996, Barewalls has over 100,000 classic and contemporary movie posters available here:  


swars1.jpg (13845 bytes)

      The official " Star Wars "  web Site.





Official Rocky Horror Picture site.

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