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Cartoon Land

For your weekly cartoon visit ." Dexter on The Web " by : Nick Bradbury, who is also author of " Homesite HTML Editor " ( see HTML Help ) section below.

General Information


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Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) : Water pressure is used to force water molecules through a very fine membrane leaving the contaminants behind. Purified water is collected from the "clean" or “permeate” side of the membrane, and water containing the concentrated contaminants is flushed down the drain from the "contaminated" or “concentrate” side. The average RO system is a unit consisting of a sediment/chlorine pre filter, the reverse-osmosis membrane, a storage tank, and an activated-carbon post filter. 
Reverse osmosis removes salt and most other inorganic material present in the water, and for that reason, RO lends itself to use in places where the drinking water is brackish (salty), contains nitrates or other dissolved minerals which are difficult to remove by other methods.



C-net Homepage lots of info. Sign up for C Net newsletter.

" Comet Cursors " to change your mouse pointer to hundreds of types.

irs logo
Internal Revenue Service

Kim Komando / lots of computer info.Sign up for KlinicNews.

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

" Free " Medical information about, ill's, drugs, breaking medical news and more.
Microsoft Home Page

Pocket PC Info



       Dale Coffing's   " Pocket PC Page ".    Info on all Pocket PC's. Reports,
       and fixes for problems, links.


If you need a case for your PDA take a look as Krusell , top quality leather work  from Sweden at Data Nation, also all kinds of other goodies, and outstanding service.

If you have a Compac iPAQ the Krusell Expanding Case will fit with the Regular Sleeve, CF Sleeve or PC Sleeve installed.



Events calendar for information in and around the Sacramento






Scott eVest

If you can't figure out how to carry your PDA, cell phone, glasses, pen ,magazine, etc., etc., all at once and still look cool, then click here  .


            Xray View



 If you have a " Pocket PC " this is the place to go to obtain a better desktop system, and more. Dashboard, ColourME and BananaPC.



     Hard Tonneau Covers for your pickup, Roll Back / Tilt Up/ Snap On



   Truck accessories and goodies.



Sacramento California Information
Small Bus Adm.

Small Business Administration


Smithsonion Museum

My ISP, take a look.

tip worldTipWorld's team of computer experts send you a Free tip via email about the topic of your choice. Want to learn more about Windows 95 or the Macintosh? Want to make the most of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer? Sign up today!

Too Cool Pic

Hyperlink list also, list your own site.

TechWeb / new products review,
information and more site.Very Good


Backgrounds, buttons, banners, etc., etc.. All top quality and they are FREE.

Home of " ACDSee " image viewer and browser. A fantastic program for viewing any image on your system or a full browse of a directory. Handles all popular image types and also GIFa pictures.

A link to "Pedagoguery Software" publishers of " A Smaller GIF". A fantastic shareware program ( the fee it well worth the results) to reduce the file size of animated GIF's without introducing any visible changes whatsoever.

Andy Evans"Art Attack". Fantastic gif89a animations, buttons and backgrounds. Also many good graphic links and help.

Clip Art Warehouse. Clip Art of all kinds and shapes, also dozens of links.


compupic.gif (5978 bytes)  A fantastic digital content manager byPhotodex,
enabeling one to access, edit and  manage digital photos, graphics and much much more.


eclipse gif's
Eclipse Imaging,Free 3D animated gif's and more.

Ender's Design // Buttons, Icons, Lines and more, for your Web Page / VERY GOOD

Font F/XwowFont F/X // Fantastic 3D rendering program for fonts and objects.
Easy to use , priced right, and even I understand it. Dress up your Web site.If you like to do graphics, this is a must have.


What's GUIStuff?
GUIStuff offers you many free tools to create a great-looking website. You can download one of dozens of graphical interfaces, use our Flash, DHTML, and graphics generation tools to add spice to your page, and check out our tutorials section to learn how to design by yourself.

            Home of  Peter Theill's " HTML Font Colorizer ", very neat program and it's FREE.


Laughing Bird


Are you a creative entrepreneur? Launching a new business? ... fixing up your website? Laughingbird Software is here to give you the tools you'll need!
Create logos, flip books, ebook covers, business cards and stationary, flash ads, animated (Flash) buttons, page headers, and many other graphics with the software.






    " FREE " Icons


Home of Kai's Power Tools,Kai's Power GOO and more. The list goes on


The Most Powerful Special Effects Software on the Planet!

For Microsoft Windows 95 through XP



123inkjets.com - Printer Ink, Toner, & More

fire ball
Home page of Michael G. Shaikun / 400 + Animated graphics and links. VERY GOOD

Paint Shop Pro X2

Paint Shop Pro, Ver. X2 the newest version.  Download the evaluation version and give it a try, fantastic.

Pro Motion Pro Motion - Web 3D Animation, Free Animation and more

    Ulead PhotoImpact.  A powerful totally outstanding photo manipulation program which also includes PhotoImpact Album and GIF Animator.
If Adobe  overwhelms you, then this is the program to get as the learning curve is NOT straight up the wall.       Trial download available.  Starting in 2001 this is the program I use for graphics and photos on  8 Web sites that I maintain.


Can Stock Photos

Added: 7/2/2017

Can Stock Photo offers over 30 million professional royalty free stock photos at prices you can afford. Our high-quality images start at just $1.00, and our generous license agreement gives you the flexibility you need. We offer free weekly downloads with tens of thousands of new images added every week.


Stock Photography and Footage
The World's Stock Photography - One Web Site ™


Free Art
Added 8/2/2017

 FreeArt provides free small art prints of over 26 Million images! For a shipping fee of just $1.99 you will receive a high-quality art print. Search and buy photographic and illustration art prints and posters in a variety of styles and on almost any topic you can imagine! Most art prints and posters ship the next business day and we offer a money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase.


Go Graph

GoGraph offers flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage at low prices.
Purchase and download stock images immediately. For over 10 years we have helped art directors, graphic designers, corporate advertisers, and freelance designers find high-quality images.


If your interested in digital camera information, especially Fuji , take a look here.


Web Clip Art. A fantastic site full of top quality graphics and links to many, many graphic and GIFa sites. Well worth the journey, a true adventure..

  Real nice web graphics.

c3d2.gif (5435 bytes) Sept.1998 New version of Ulead's COOL 3D, Real good 3D rendering program for fonts and or animated fonts. Also loaded with templates and plug in's for cool or wierd effects. Real easy learning curve.

Web Wasteland  "Web Wasteland". Free web graphics to download and use. Backgrounds, separator bars, bullets, animated GIF's and more.

I keep linking onto real good site's many of them by pure accident, which others would enjoy and will eventually make my home page fifteen screens long (or longer). So I've added these link pages to make things simpler and put them in one spot. Hope you'll like it ?.


Note: As I add more links and they get strung out, it will be almost impossible to make sure they are all in business. If you find any that are dead ends, E-mail me and let me known so I can check it out and correct and or delete the site. THANK YOU / Fred

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