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Sacramento, The Heart of California
California              Fred and Wilma
                                               Fred and Wilma
                                                                                               Wilma passed away 8/5/2018
                                                                                  from a ruptured spleen she was 9 years old
                                                                                                Really miss you my pal
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I'm Fred, I retired in October 1995 after turning 65, and 42 years selling Automotive Parts, Paint & Equipment for the same company .Started using a computer in 1984 ( after many previous hobbies, fishing & camping, CB radio in the 50's, photography, snow skiing, building and flying R/C aircraft ) an Apple IIC when they first came out. Two years later to a IIGS thinking Apple was the rising sun of the computer industry, " WRONG ! ". After seeing that Apple had dumped all their followers (except MAC,Yuk!) I changed to the standard PC format. Still have the IIC and IIGS, maybe someday the Smithsonian will want them. 12/12/2001 sold all Apple equipment for $100.00.
Started with a 386DX2-66 within two years ( cpu's came down a little) upgraded to a 486DX4-80 and then in Feb. 1996 to 486DX4-100. The last two upgrades I bought the board, CPU etc.(P5 or 6 is next ) and did it myself ( always liked to find out what is inside). April 97 , did it, with the MMX CPU's coming out prices have gone down again. Now have a Cyrix 6X86 - 200+ mounted on a ASUS P55T2P4 mother board with a Type7 socket, a real tower of power.

Before I changed to Win95 I had on my Win3.1 setup about 40 programs, now have 90 +, Im a softwareholic, have got to stop. June 25th 1998 update to Windows 98. a wise move, ( love it ).

August 98 : Here I go again, Microstar  MS5169 Motherboard , AMD K6-2 300 w/ 3D Now , I have to lash my hand to the track ball to hang on. April 1999 AMD K6-2 400 w/3D Now, board maxed out to BIOS limit.
April 2000: thought I was through, WRONG, installed a Microstar  K7-PRO MS6195 and a AMD Athlon 700, the board will handle up to a 1 GHz. processor.

September 14th Windows ME (might as well.)

October 2001: ABIT KG7 M.B., AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz. , 1 gb. DDR RAM / WOW !.

October 25th 2001 Windows XP
( 2 hardware items not compatible ,had to buy new Web cam and scanner, had to upgrade 4 programs )
See FYI page for full story.

March 2002, after the big CRASH, my computer that is, dumped programs , down to 44.

April 2003 : Gigabyte 7VAXP M.B., AMD Athlon XP 2500 , 512 mb  DDR PC3200 RAM .
                       Note: The only trouble with a faster system is, after about a year it  seems to get slower Ha! Ha!.
March 2004: Gigabyte GA-81PE1000 - Pro-G, Intel Pentium 4   3.0 GHz w/Hyper-Threading Technology.  4 GB  DDR400 dual channel RAM . New 10000 RPM SATA W.D. primary drive, all housed in a Thermaltake Damier Gaming case ( awsome ).

February 2007 Upgrade to Vista, for my experience click here.   Flash Dot Update 01/2009,05/2009

October 28th 2009 Windows 7 , Fantastic

October 30th 2012 pre ordered Windows 8 from Amazon and received and installed today. Bought Professional full version as it will upgrade XP or 7 where the others require a disk format and reinstall your programs. Took 1.5 hours no problems at all except when I started it for the first time and the new screen appeared WOW! what a shocker, where did everything go to.
Anyway after  five days and going on line and using the help files got it down now , this is really neat and actually easier to use than old format. Computer also starts and shuts down much faster and easier to run the Apps ( used to be called programs). Up Up and away Windows is here to stay.
P.S. Although Windows  is set for a touch screen, which I don't have I think I'll stick with the keys and mouse as it's a long reach on a desktop to use a touch screen ( and costly for now anyway).   UPDATE: Nov.18th whatever derogatory remarks you read about Windows 8 don't believe them, this program is fantastic.

Upgraded to Ver.8.1 works fine.

Aug 2015 Upgraded to Ver 10 works fine, faster than 8.1.

Love to work with graphics (I'll never learn it all), have Corel Paint Shop Pro X5, PhotoImpact X3, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0,a flat bed scanner Canon 8800F,  Canon Pixma MX922 printer and 4 digital cameras. Scan photos, retouch scanned photos, assemble Windows wallpaper, custom greeting cards, Post card layouts and Web Sites (Ha! Ha!), etc. etc. etc., Fun! Fun! Fun!.

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