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I'm Fred, I retired in October 1995 after turning 65, and 42 years selling Automotive Parts, Paint & Equipment for the same company .Started using a computer in 1984 ( after many previous hobbies, fishing & camping, CB radio in the 50's, photography, snow skiing, building and flying R/C aircraft ) an Apple IIC when they first came out. Two years later to a IIGS thinking Apple was the rising sun of the computer industry, " WRONG ! ". After seeing that Apple had dumped all their followers (except MAC,Yuk!) I changed to the standard PC format. Still have the IIC and IIGS, maybe someday the Smithsonian will want them. 12/12/2001 sold all Apple equipment for $100.00.
Started with a 386DX2-66 within two years ( cpu's came down a little) upgraded to a 486DX4-80 and then in Feb. 1996 to 486DX4-100. The last two upgrades I bought the board, CPU etc.(P5 or 6 is next ) and did it myself ( always liked to find out what is inside). April 97 , did it, with the MMX CPU's coming out prices have gone down again. Now have a Cyrix 6X86 - 200+ mounted on a ASUS P55T2P4 mother board with a Type7 socket, a real tower of power.

Before I changed to Win95 I had on my Win3.1 setup about 40 programs, now have 90 +, Im a softwareholic, have got to stop. June 25th 1998 update to Windows 98. a wise move, ( love it ).

August 98 : Here I go again, Microstar  MS5169 Motherboard , AMD K6-2 300 w/ 3D Now , I have to lash my hand to the track ball to hang on. April 1999 AMD K6-2 400 w/3D Now, board maxed out to BIOS limit.
April 2000: thought I was through, WRONG, installed a Microstar  K7-PRO MS6195 and a AMD Athlon 700, the board will handle up to a 1 GHz. processor.

September 14th Windows ME (might as well.)

October 2001: ABIT KG7 M.B., AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz. , 1 gb. DDR RAM / WOW !.

October 25th 2001 Windows XP
( 2 hardware items not compatible ,had to buy new Web cam and scanner, had to upgrade 4 programs )
See FYI page for full story.

March 2002, after the big CRASH, my computer that is, dumped programs , down to 44.

April 2003 : Gigabyte 7VAXP M.B., AMD Athlon XP 2500 , 512 mb  DDR PC3200 RAM .
                       Note: The only trouble with a faster system is, after about a year it  seems to get slower Ha! Ha!.
March 2004: Gigabyte GA-81PE1000 - Pro-G, Intel Pentium 4   3.0 GHz w/Hyper-Threading Technology.  4 GB  DDR400 dual channel RAM . New 10000 RPM SATA W.D. primary drive, all housed in a Thermaltake Damier Gaming case ( awsome ).

February 2007 Upgrade to Vista, for my experience click here.   Flash Dot Update 01/2009,05/2009

October 28th 2009 Windows 7 , Fantastic

Love to work with graphics (I'll never learn it all), have Corel Paint Shop Pro X2, PhotoImpact X3, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0,Cool 3d,  a flat bed scanner Canon 8800F,  Canon Pixma iP4500 and H.P. 8050 Photosmart printer and of course 4 digital cameras. Scan photos, retouch scanned photos, assemble Windows wallpaper, custom greeting cards, Post card layouts and Web Sites (Ha! Ha!), etc. etc. etc., Fun! Fun! Fun!.

Listed a few Web sites you might find interesting on the LINKS PAGES

( as you know there are thousands, and multiplying like, everyday).

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